Our story

Our rich history in coffee

After buying a 250 acre share of his family farm in 2000, Craig Hayward and his wife, Tamara, decided to try something different and started planting Arabica coffee trees. After selling his pub
in the Northern Territory, the couple had returned to the land to settle down and start a family.

Craig says that the move was successful and he hasn’t looked back. Growing coffee at an altitude of 250 metres in the highlands west of Byron Bay, has proven so successful that today he is selling it
through retail outlets and online channels throughout Australia.

Craig explains that his coffee plantation is perfectly situated for growing the best coffee around, and some of the best in the world.

“The Mackellar Range area is full of rich volcanic soil, and the sub-tropical climate creates the perfect conditions for growing beans. The temperate micro-climate of the Mackellar Range area is distinct from other coffee-growing areas in the region which are mostly closer to the coast. Our growing area has less humidity and precipitation with quite warm periods during winter. The climate and local soil types produce slower ripening naturally sweet beans which are reflected in the personality and unique taste of the coffee”.

The coffee is truly made from a great recipe – work-of-hand mixed with the perfect growing environment. An added bonus is that the coffee is grown free of pesticides and is processed free of chemicals, offering a fine balance between roast aroma and roast over – with a pleasing level of acidity and distinct nutty chocolate character.

Craig certainly has a passion for coffee. He sources all his coffee from Australian farms and 90% comes off the Hogarth Range site. Mackellar Range looks sure to continue growing and to expand their label through increased planting and increased market reach – a real Australian coffee success story.

Craig says that the bond between coffee and the consumer is intrinsically bound by the quality of the bean that is produced. Right from planting, through the growth and harvesting, over to the master roaster, the coffee is treated with care and diligence that demonstrates these coffee lovers really believe in what they’re doing.

“The secret to a perfect coffee is freshly roasted and perfectly ground beans, a clean coffee machine and a passionate barista.”

At Mackellar Range they certainly are passionate about coffee and deliver a truly unique blend of flavours that sumptuously tempt the palate.

In 2011/2012, Mackellar Range coffee were awarded the Gold Medal winner in the Australian grown coffee category from the Golden Bean roasters competition. The Golden Bean roasters competition is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and see’s over 1200 coffee entries vying for the coveted first place prize.

A great achievement and a true reflection of the dedication and passion Craig has for his award winning coffee.

A unique coffee from Northern New South Wales