Coffee Facts!
Ugandans mix green beans with sweet grasses and various spices, dry them, and then wrap these in grass packets, which were then hung in their homes where it serves as a talisman and as decoration.
Grind some freshly roasted Mackellar Range coffee beans, brew the perfect cup and spread the word!
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With fine balance and distinction

Our Mackellar Range Australian Coffee offers a fine balance between roast aroma and roast flavour with a pleasing level of acidity and distinct nutty chocolate characters.


  • Grown free of pesticides

  • Processed free of chemicals

  • Sun dried

  • An unique smooth taste

  • Full aromatic flavour

  • No bitter after taste

  • Multiple awards


The temperate micro-climate of the Mackellar Range is distinct from other coffee-growing areas in the region which are mostly closer to the coast. Our growing area has less humidity and precipitation with quite warm periods during winter. The climate and local soil types produce slower ripening naturally sweet beans which are reflected in the personality and unique taste of the coffee.


Hand picked and sun dried

Our Australian coffee is a 100% single origin Arabica coffee which is hand-picked and/or machine harvested and then processed and sun-dried. Whilst not certified organic producers, Mackellar Range Australian Coffee is grown free of pesticides and processed free of chemicals.




  • Coffee plants normally produce caffeine to deter pests but as there are no pests locally, the plant naturally produces less caffeine (noting that caffeine is in every part of the coffee plant).
  • Our coffee is grown in less volatile climatic conditions of heat, rainfall and humidity within a unique local micro climate.
Mackellar Range Coffee


An unique coffee from the Mackellar Range in New South Wales.

Mackellar Coffee is produced at Hogarth Range in Northern New South Wales, 70km inland from Byron Bay. The 100% Arabica coffee is grown at an altitude of about 215m, amongst the chocolate basalt ridges of the Mackellar Range, running down from the Queensland border.

The assurance of coffee grown with experience

We have been involved in all facets of the local coffee industry in North Eastern New South Wales, including plantation set-up, establishment and maintenance, irrigation, plantation, nutrition and development, harvesting, processing, tasting, packaging and marketing. We are also strongly committed to quality assurance and quality control using the New South Wales Coffee Growers Association's code of best practice.